Monday, October 3, 2011

Create and Own the Now

When was the last time you asked yourself "what do I see NOW?" How many times we walk, but don't get a chance to absorb the beauty around us. We think of future actions we are about to take, things we are about to do. All our movements are done automatically, so our thoughts.

Did you notice clouds, color of fallen leaves, shapes of pebbles on the shore, movements of shadows? Look carefully. Notice the outlines of distant hills and forests, shapes of fields, curves of roads.
What if I ask you to go beyond this and see the UNSEEN COLORS. Make the shadows purple, water green, trees red, light yellow, grass orange, road blue. Do you see the NOW of the reality you OWN? Yes, you start noticing even the tiniest detail! Now lets make our colors free, let them move, explore surroundings, touch each other, talk to each other, mix together, reflect and shine. Oh, what a splendor!

This is the way I paint my landscapes, still lifes, well actually, all my works. Nature is the core I learn from, love, get inspired from, my endless palette, while my feelings, emotions, visions, creativity are the pieces of fabric I sew the dress for my nature from. I dress the nature and create the reality that breathes, lives, pulsates, makes you happy or sad, that very special and unforgettable moment in life.

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