Why Art Classes

"Destructiveness and creativity are opposed forces in the life of the mind. To create is to construct, and to construct cooperatively is to lay the foundations to a peaceful community."- Herbert Read.

"Our age of remote control may lead to shortened attention span with habituation to fast video-editing styles and instant push-button feedback causing us to miss out on much wonder and beauty in the real world."- Muriel Silberstein-Storfer.

"Practice with art materials sharpens sensory awareness in a manner that simply looking at things cannot. You may have a color in your mind, but it is not until you mix it yourself that you understand its precise properties."- Cognitive scientist Douglas Hofstadter. 
Students at work on plein air

Paula's Art Classes:

We use only Eco Friendly, Non Toxic paints!!!!
  • The art school has low student teacher ratio. It ensures that every child has constant communication and evaluation from the teacher. 
  • The art school is open for parental observation and visits all through the year.
  • The art classes cater for the needs of different age groups and different individual needs of students.
  • The art classes are suitable for students with previous experience or no experience in art.
  • The art classes explore an exciting range of drawing, painting mediums and sculpturing and subjects through a series of projects designed to develop your observation-based creative potential. We will use a variety of materials such as graphite pencil, charcoal, pastel, acrylics, watercolour, oil colours.
  • The art classes cover a range of different themes including landscape, still life and figurative painting.
  • The art classes incorporate plein air work (painting and drawing outdoors). 
  • The art classes incorporate museum and art exhibitions visits. 
  • The art classes incorporate life nude drawing and painting for advanced adult students.
  • The art classes will enhance the potential for personal growth through the joy of working with art materials and discovering diverse images from art.